Three ways to tell if the chocolate you eat is produced by slaves

Most of us enjoy chocolate treats every now and again… or all the time. Chocolate is a delicious pick-me-up and dark chocolate even contains healthy antioxidants. However, many of us would be surprised to find out that a lot of the chocolate we eat is produced by slaves on the Ivory Coast of Africa. Add to that the fact that not all retailers stock fair trade certified chocolate, and it seems impossible to escape. Fortunately, there are chocolates that, despite not being fair trade certified, are most likely not produced by slaves. Here are three tips to find them,

1. Check the source

Some brands will tell you in the fine print on the label where they bought the cocoa beans for the bar you want to eat. When it comes to chocolate, Asia and South America are the safest bets to try to buy chocolate untouched by slavery.

2. Look for other certifications

Even if a supermarket does not carry fair trade certified chocolate, they will likely stock chocolate that is certified organic or certified by the Rainforest Alliance. Both of these types of chocolate are highly unlikely to be sourced from farms that enslave people.

3. Use the Free2Work app and website

Free 2 Work rates companies, including chocolate companies, on how their supply chains are linked to slavery. You can download the app to your phone to check the brand you are thinking about. For example, Ghirardelli chocolate received a “C” grade from Free2Work, whereas Snickers and M&Ms received a “D-“.

So, while it is always best to buy fair trade, there are a number of ways to make convenient purchases that are still not contributing to slavery.


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