Not for Sale Introduces Rebbl Tonic to Employ Vulnerable People

Click here to order Rebbl tonic!

The Not for Sale Campaign is renowned in the world of modern day abolition for its creative and humanizing efforts to free slaves and reduce global vulnerability to slavery. Not For Sale understands the importance of business in the fight against slavery. While working in Lima, Peru, they recognized that many survivors of trafficking in Lima come from a specific area of Peru,  Madre De Dios. It was concluded that the large concentration of survivors from this region stemmed from the poverty there. Therefore, Not for Sale developed a way to improve the economic condition of Madre de Dios in order to reduce vulnerability to human trafficking. They created a business, Rebbl Tonic that sources all materials from Madre de Dios, employing many people.

The best part? You can order the Rebble tonic online right now! Furthermore, it will be in Atlanta grocery stores by the end of this year. I am super excited to try this drink. And, it is fair trade. Be sure to buy Rebbl and tell retailers that you appreciate seeing it in the store.

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