Does buying fair trade really help end slavery?

Since we are an initiative centered around fair trade as a means to end slavery, you can probably assume that our answer is a resounding YES, and it is. But, some people may not know why. So, here is our short summary of why buying fair trade makes an impact in the fight against slavery.

1. Fair trade is a guarentee

Many companies either do not closely track their supply chain, or do not publish it. Therefore, fairly traded items guarantee that the products we consume are not touched by slavery

2. Fair trade always pays a minimum

Small farms are always at a disadvantage when it comes to the ebb and flow of market prices, because they do not necessarily have a huge reserve to rely on. Therefore, fairly traded products are always bought at a minimum price, reducing opportunity for absolute poverty and exploitation from these farms. For example, fair trade coffee, regardless of season, is bought for a minimum of $1.26 per pound.

3. There is evidence that fair trade is an effective measure to help communities

recent study conducted at Colorado State University concluded that fair trade plays a significant role in poverty alleviation and has individual and community benefits. The study went so far to conclude that fair trade certification leads to better access to education, increased family stability, and more jobs within communities.  If you want more details, we highly recommend you read this study.

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