Schools and Teachers: It Has Never Been Easier to Teach Kids About Slavery!

Fortunately, more and more people are learning about modern day slavery. This awareness is allowing the abolition movement to gain momentum. As a result, it then becomes easier to spread more awareness, even to the next generation of leaders. There are now  materials, lesson plans, and resources available for all grade levels that show how there is still slavery in the world, and what we can do to end it, including buying fair trade. Therefore, Fair Trade Atlanta has compiled a list of some free and low-cost resources that you can use to inform your class or school about stopping slavery in an age-appropriate, engaging, and co-curricular manner. Many of these resources are also related to state or common core standards.

Freedom Film

The Freedom Film, produced by Passion Conferences, has a downloadable film pack that will allow older students (high school and up) to meet people who have actually been in slavery. The film is very engaging, but also very sad, so please watch the material before screening it in your class.

Equal Exchange: Fair Trade Cocoa Comprehensive Lesson Plan

Compiled by a fair trade business, this curriculum for all ages contains

  • ready-to-use lesson plans
  • inquiry- and experiential-based learning consistent with best practices in teaching
  • satisfies state teaching standards in every discipline kids learn they have the power to make a global impact AND
  • it’s fun! Fair Trade cocoa will stimulate your students’ interest in learning

Slavery Map

Slavery Map


Not for Sale campaign’s Slavery Map is an interactive website that allows users to click on their home or regions of interest to see a case of slavery that has occurred there. It really will allow a more personal connection of students to this cause. Additionally, this incorporates technology that is now required to be a part of the lesson plans in many schools.

The Dark Side of Chocolate Movie and Screening Toolkit

For older (high school and up) viewers, this captivating documentary costs only $6 and will engage students in in-depth discussions and petitions, allowing them to make a difference right from their desks.

Free the Slaves Resources

Slavery Footprint

Free the slaves offers a variety of films, graphics and books on all types of slavery, that can be integrated into lesson plans very easily. These resources would be exceptionally useful within a Social Studies classroom setting.

Free 2 Work and Slavery Footprint

These shows students how their own products are produced by slaves, something that engages them because they see themselves as a part of this.  Slavery Footprint also allows students to take action through petitions on their website.

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