Ethical Clothing?

One aspect of global slavery that is very hard to escape is slave production in our clothing. Even well known clothing companies have supply chains connected to slavery. So, what can we, as consumers, do about it?

We can do a lot.

For one, there are fair trade clothing brands, such as Good and Fair and Maggie’s Organics. However, these tend to be expensive. Therefore, there is an inexpensive way to buy clothing from brands you love, without contributing to the problem of slavery: buy second-hand. Second-hand products do not give money to the companies that use slaves. Therefore, many argue it is ethical to purchase them since it does not perpetuate the problem. Furthermore, second-hand stores often donate their money to charities fighting trafficking, such as Wellspring Treasures, right here in Atlanta.

For more information about the existence of slavery  in clothing production, check out Not For Sale’s Free2Work Apparel Trends Report.

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