Three Findings of Fair Trade USA

Sometimes, people wonder if fair trade is actually worth it. The answer is a resounding yes! Check out three amazing findings from a recent two year Fair Trade Certified apparel pilot program, from Fair Trade USA.

  • Workers in certified factories earned 15 percent above local minimum wage on average, and up to double the minimum wage in one facility.
  • Distribution of the Fair Trade premium resulted in tangible change in the local community (e.g. building a school in war-torn Liberia, and distributing cash bonuses equivalent to one week’s pay).
  • Impact (as measured by Fair Trade premiums) tripled each year of the program, due to availability of certified products through national channels like REI and

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  1. Well Done! Thank you for posting this. As an advocate of Fair Trade I appreciate your educating people through your blog. Thumbs up!

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