Fair Trade Steering Committee Established in Atlanta: Fair Trade Artisans Welcomed to Our City

Thanks to the engagement of community members like you, Fair Trade Atlanta is now about to officially establish a steering committeefairtradetowns of five individuals that will lead the way in helping Atlanta accomplish the declaration of a Fair Trade Town by the organization Fair Trade Towns USA. The launch of the committee marks the first of the five requirements for fair trade established by Fair Trade Towns USA. The committee will work with businesses, community organizations, media outlets, and the local government to further Fair Trade Atlanta’s mission to end the use of slave made goods in our city. Fair Trade is a manner of production in which all people involved in production are paid for their labor and are voluntarily working, without threat of violence. Additionally, fair trade refers to an environmentally sustainable manner of production. Instituting fair trade practices in Atlanta will help you, as an ethically conscious consumer, have more convenient and less expensive ways to get products that you can feel good about purchasing.

An artisan group from Mayan Hands, the group that distribute's Gloria's work

An artisan group from Mayan Hands, the group that distribute’s Gloria’s work

The committee’s first action is the free event that you can attend, taking place on April 27, 2013 at Oglethorpe University in the North Atlanta/ Brookhaven area. Many key figures will be in attendance, such as Courtney Lang, coordinator of Fair Trade Towns USA. The honored presenter at the event will be Gloria, a fair trade artisan from Guatemala. Gloria uses ancient crafting traditions to create beautiful and intricate works of art. Thanks to organizations and businesses that support fair trade, she is able to make a living wage by selling her work. Event attendees will have the opportunity to meet Gloria, as well as to find out more about Fair Trade Atlanta. “Meeting these artisans,” says one Fair Trade Atlanta Steering Committee member, “can only make us more passionate about advocating for fair trade. Their creativity, dignity, and strength, is something we desire for all people. That is why Atlanta needs to become a fair trade town”.

The establishment of the committee is likely to open the door for many events like this in the future.  Additionally, it will allow everyday consumers like you to have access to information and resources that can help to end the use of slave made goods in Atlanta. Furthermore, the committee is currently working with businesses and community organizations to educate them about fair trade and encourage fair trade practices.

This milestone event for Fair Trade Atlanta is also a milestone for you, because of its significance in our community. You can become further engaged in Fair Trade Atlanta, and the work of the steering committee, in a variety of ways

  • Attend the event on April 27 and tell a friend about it
  • Follow us on Twitter @fairtradeatl and “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on fair trade in our city
  • Volunteer! Come help with an event, attend a committee meeting, blog for us, or use your unique connections and talents to make an impact on fair trade in Atlanta. You can sign up to volunteer at http://www.fairtradeatlanta.org/individuals

Fair Trade Atlanta is looking forward to the future with this competent and passionate steering committee.  1 in 4 bananas sold in the United Kingdom are Fair Trade Certified. With your help, we can make that kind of commitment to ethical purchasing a reality in our city.

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