Want to Know Where You Can Purchase Fair Trade Products?


One of the best ways to support fair trade is by purchasing fair trade products. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to find fair trade companies and sometimes even a challenge to discern whether or not they are actually fair trade. True, this movement is on the rise, but just because a seller says that they are fair trade doesn’t necessarily mean that they are; many sellers don’t fully understand what fair trade even means. That leaves many consumers confused and hard-pressed to support fair trade as fully as they might like to.

 But never fear! In order to support you in supporting fair trade, we’ve compiled a short list of some great companies that sell actual fair trade products for you to enjoy!


Local Buys in the Atlanta Area


Ten Thousand Villages

Dealing in fair trade since 1946, Ten Thousand Villages sells handmade products such as baskets, home decor, and jewelery produced by co-ops like Mayan Hands.






Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee

This local coffee shop takes fair trade to the next level by doing direct trade business with their suppliers. Direct trade retailers forge closer relationships with their growers by cutting out the middle-man. For more information on direct trade, click here.



ImageBen & Jerry’s Ice Cream

While Ben & Jerry’s does have some fair trade flavors, be warned that not everything they sell is certified fair trade. Click on the image for information on which of their flavors contain fair trade products.





LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH has every thing you might need for your face, body, and hair! You can either shop these organic cosmetics online or in the store at either Lenox Square or The Mall of Georgia.  




Online Shopping


 Ethical Bean Coffee


ImageSerendipi Tea


ImageDivine Chocolate


For  more comprehensive list of fair trade businesses, check out this link!

Know of more fair trade businesses in the Atlanta area? Let us know about them in your comments!


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