Our Favorite Fair Trade Coffees

A lot of us can’t start our day without a good caffeine fix.  Unfortunately, a lot of coffee is produced using slavery. Lucky for us, there are a lot of fair trade options available, and we’ve made a list of our five favorites. These brands taste AMAZING and are fair trade certified.

1. Starbucks Fair Trade Certified Dark Italian Roast.

I mean, Starbucks is known for their coffee all over the world. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that their fair trade brew taste great!

2. Land of A Thousand Hills “Pour over” Coffee

This strong and nutty way of brewing coffee is a guaranteed hit for any true coffee enthusiast

3. Dunkin Donuts Espresso Drinks

Delicious and Fair Trade flavored lattes and iced lattes will satisfy any sweet tooth

4. Green Mountain Coffee’s Sumatran Lake Tawar Coffee

You can get this Vermont-based brewers delicious Sumatran blend online. And, it comes in K-cup form for all the Keurig coffee makers.

5. Pura Vida Cafe Kilimanjaro Blend

Delicious, organic, and fair trade. Enough said.

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