Fair Trade Holiday

‘Tis the season! We love Christmas… everything about it. However, with all of the treats and gifts going around it can be hard to know where products are coming from. Since this season- at it’s core- is about compassion more than consumption, it is really important that we are all making an effort to consume and purchase ethical products. That’s hard to do at times, so we have three suggestions for how you can have a fair trade holiday.

1. Fair trade cocoa.

hot cocoa

Hot chocolate is a holiday favorite. It is a tradition in my family to drink hot cocoa before we open presents on Christmas morning. Last year, I could not find any fair trade cocoa so I chose to drink some tea instead. I wasn’t going to let that happen again this year, so I found some amazing and affordable fair trade hot cocoa mix from Equal Exchange. I’ve already tasted it… this stuff is good! So, be sure to order some so you can enjoy this delicious holiday beverage knowing it was not produced using slavery.

2. Fair Trade Gifting and Decorating

fair trade federation

The Fair Trade Federation has put together an AMAZING Holiday Gift GuideΒ that will help you know what to buy that is produced fairly. It is full of a bunch of great gift and decor ideas Be sure to check it out!

3. Host a fair trade holiday party

christmas party

Raise awareness about human trafficking in a fun way! Host a holiday party with cookies, a movie, all of the normal Christmas party fixings… but emphasize fair trade by serving fair trade chocolate, bananas, and maybe send guests home with some information. You’d be surprised by the action people take once they know.

We hope this helps you enjoy your Christmas and still advocate for people who are being oppressed. Fair Trade Atlanta wishes you a VERY merry Christmas and happy New Year!

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