Fair Trade Schools… Kids Becoming Activists

bakesaleThere are about as many ways to get involved in fair trade activism as there are fair trade products! Luckily, kids are not left out of the mix. This is thanks to the Fair Trade Schools division of Fair Trade Campaigns (of whom we are an affiliate). Students, parents, and teachers alike can band together to help produce change in their hallways. Fair Trade Schools educate the student body about ethical supply chains and make fairly sourced products available.

You may be thinking: what if it is, for example, a large public high school? How would a small group of students interested in fair trade make a difference? It is possible! For example…

  • A student could approach their favorite teacher and encourage them to use the concept of fair trade in a lesson plan
  • The students could host a bake sale using fair trade cocoa and sugar
  • The students could start a fair trade club that leaves educational fliers around the school

The point is that ALL of these things help people know about the importance and fair trade. Also, they teach the students skills in communication and activism. If you are a student, teacher, or parent, consider starting a Fair Trade Schools campaign for your school. You never know how much of an impact you will make!


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