The Grocery Delivery Service that We’re Excited About

thriveA compelling argument against fair trade and ethically sourced is that it can be difficult to find. While this is becoming less and less of the case, especially in the city of Atlanta, it is a reality. For busy people, it can be hard to justify a 30 minute drive to Whole Foods to buy fair trade bananas, when Publix bananas taste no different. That is why we at Fair Trade Atlanta are so excited that Thrive Market offers their grocery delivery to busy (albeit somewhat affluent) people.

Thrive Market makes ethical, local product sourcing a priority. On their site, you can set a filter to only see items that are purchased directly from farmers, or a filter for a fair trade certification. Not only that, but their store brand coconut oil is certified fair trade.

thriveThe fact that both Thrive Market and grocery delivery services in general are getting more traction is a great thing! As people can easily select and identify ethically sourced products on their site show that consumers are demanding more of that, and it will lead local retailers to stock more ethically sourced items as well!

While we always support locally owned businesses, if you’re in the market for grocery store delivery, Thrive is a great way to go!

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