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Fair Trade Melons Now Available!

melonCheck out this great article from The Packer about the first Central American Melon producer to receive fair trade certification:

Fresh Quest, Inc., Plantation, Fla., is partnering with Fair Trade USA, Oakland, Calif.

Agroexportadora Mundial SA, Zacapa, Guatemala, the melon farming affiliate for Fresh Quest, is the first Central American melon grower to receive Fair Trade certification, according to a news release.

By purchasing Fresh Quest Fair Trade-certified melons, retailers and consumers monetarily support a program that advocates for workers so that they receive fair wages, work in safe conditions, protect the environment and improve their lives through community development and social projects such as education and health care.

β€œThis effort is part of a larger strategy to raise awareness with our customers on how they can make a difference in the world with their purchasing decisions in a highly commoditized industry where product differentiation can be limited,” Alan Guttmann, president of Fresh Quest, said in the release.

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