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How to Buy Fair Trade Clothing in Atlanta

Atlanta within the past few years has really improved as far as offering fair trade options for chocolate, coffee, tea, and even cosmetics. However, when area we’re lacking in is affordable fair trade clothing options, which is a problem because cotton is often picked by children who have been trafficked and denied basic human rights. So, what can we do about it? Well, fortunately, there are a few options.

For one, we can buy second hand. Regardless of the brand, buying second hand does not give money to the companies participating in poor labor practices. Also, there is the added benefit of saving you money. Many thrift stores donate their proceeds to charity. So, buying second hand can do a lot of good

We can also buy from responsible brands on the internet. There are many fair trade clothing brands, such as Good and Fair and Maggie’s Organics, that allow shoppers to purchase online.

Lastly, though they are few and far between, there are fair trade clothing stores in Atlanta. Ten Thousand Villages has two Atlanta locations, and Bee Boutique carries fair trade Mata Traders, clothing.

So, even with limited options, there are still plenty of ways to make a difference in the clothing industry through our buying power. Try some of these out!